Cat Grooming

Send Rover Over | Eugene Oregon

**At this time we are no longer taking new cat clients**

When people come in our shop they are often surprised to see us working on cats and on how well the cats are doing with being groomed.  We do things a little differently for cats.  We prefer for them to come in first thing in the morning when the first dogs will be in the back getting their baths.  This way the salon is nice and quiet for the cat.  Most cats do quite well with grooming, but there are those that will just not tolerate it.  We don't recommend a bath for your cat unless it is necessary.  Some cats do amazingly well with the bath, but there are those that get extremely stressed so we would rather not put them through that!

Send Rover Over | Eugene Oregon





Cat grooming services:

  • Comb out
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear and face cleaning
  • Mat shaving
  • Full hair cut
  • Bathing and flea bath if necessary