Open For Business!

We are finally preparing to open for business again! We have missed everyone very much, especially the dogs!! Thank you for your patience as we go down the list to reschedule. During this unprecedented time we need to be very careful in the way we operate. Everyone’s health and safety is our first concern. In order to re-open we need to use a strict social distancing protocol as well as extra sanitizing.

If you or anyone in your household is sick or has a fever we will need to reschedule you for at least 15 days in the future.

We will be changing our schedule to comply with social distancing. We are extending our hours on some days to meet this requirement.

Here is how we will be operating for now:

  • Any grooming instructions or other communication will be conducted over the phone. When we come out to get your dog it is important to have a smooth quick transfer to make it easier for your dog. We will be focusing on your dog, greeting them and leading them into the shop. You are welcome to call if you need to communicate something further to us. We miss everyone and would love to chat but won’t be able to do it in person unfortunately.
  • We will have sanitized slip leads outside for you to use. Please remove all of your dogs collars, harnesses etc.. We will only be taking in your dog on our sanitized leads. Dogs don’t often do well with change so they are probably going to be skeptical with what is going on. If you are concerned about how your dog will react to the slip lead exchange please call us ahead of time and we can discuss other possible options. We will not be taking small dogs from your arms like we have done with many in the past.
  • We will meet you outside with our masks to get your dog. We ask that you also wear a mask. (We will have a few clean masks on hand if you need to borrow one). We will be wearing masks as we work on your dog.
  • For payment, a check works best but we can also take a card payment over the phone or take an exact change cash payment.

At this time we will not be taking in any walk- ins or nail trims, only dogs that will be getting a bath.

This is a very difficult time for everyone. We appreciate you working with us so we can operate safely and be able to work on your dogs.