Help Your Dog Like the Salon

Does your dog seem to think going to the groomer is the worst thing ever?  There are a few things you might try to help your dog have a more positive outlook towards going to the doggie salon.

First of all, if your dog or cat is one that tends to tangle and mat up, avoid this happening if at all possible.  There is nothing to make a dog have a horrible experience at the grooming shop than to have tight mats shaved off or  have the matting brushed out.  If your dog's coat does get neglected and form mats, please know that we will have to go short for the comfort of the dog.

If you have a dog that seems upset coming to the groomer there is something to keep in mind.  Every time we interact with our dogs, we are training them to some extent.  If your dog is very clingy and afraid to get groomed, it is the natural tendency to try to reassure your dog by petting, etc. and to be concerned over the dog's feelings.  What most don't realize is that this attention is not helping the dog, but reinforcing that fearful behavior.  So next time try a short, happy confident good bye and see if this might help future drop offs.

We might enjoy a day at the spa, but for many dogs, the grooming salon is more like going to the dentist.  Some may never love it, but we hope to form a positive relationship with our dear furry clients and have them enjoy at least some aspects of the grooming process!

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