Preparing Your Dog for Grooming

There are certain steps you can take to ensure that you dog will have the best possible grooming experience.  They will be staying with us for two to three hours, so it is essential that they have had adequate time to relieve themselves before their stay.  Many times just going out in the yard is not enough and the dog will need a walk to get the job done.

If your dog is young and or very energetic, getting them some good exercise to tire them out will really help them to be relaxed at the grooming shop.  It is much easier and safer if the dog has gotten its extra energy out and is standing still!  Most dogs will do better with at least a good walk before coming in.

It's best not to give them a large meal directly before their appointment, but instead a light one.  Some dogs will be nervous and will be more comfortable with less in the tummy.

With the more sensitive dogs, try not to plan any other unappealing activities on the day of grooming.  A veterinary visit and a grooming visit on one day is too much stress for most dogs!

Think about your dog's schedule and yours when making the appointment.  Some dogs do better in the morning and others after they've had a chance to wake up and vice versa.  Don't schedule a morning appointment if you're not a morning person and  won't have time to get the dog out for a walk as well!  A little forethought can go a long way to help your dog be as comfortable and as relaxed as possible for their grooming day!

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