Start Your Pup Right!

You've just got a new puppy  and the fun begins!  Don't forget that along with all the adorableness comes an important responsibility.  You have the opportunity to make sure that your dog gets the best start possible.  The socialization period with canines starts to close at four months.  This means that those first two months you have your pup are extremely important.  The more experiences that you  can expose that youngster to in a positive way the better!  This means positive interactions with all types of people, places and things:  very young toddlers, seniors with canes, men with hats and beards, teenagers on skateboards, cars, loud noises etc..

You will also want to make sure that your pup has positive experiences with other dogs.  Does this mean that you should take your young pup to the dog park?  No, there is too much chance for your dog to be overwhelmed and you don't have control over the types of dogs she will meet.  Pay attention to your dogs comfort level and don't push her too far,  a bad experience can have a lasting affect.

This also goes for the subject of grooming.  If you have a dog that will require professional grooming, don't wait until they are six months old to take them to the groomer!  You could initially bring the pup by to meet a groomer and get some love and or a treat.  We recommend the first visit be just for a bath or nails.  It is especially important that your dog does not become very tangled.  At home you can work on handling the pup.  Touch the feet, legs and nails.  If you  have a furry face friend, practice holding the head for a few seconds and work up to holding the head and gently brush and comb it.  Don't forget to brush the ears and tail always going slow and making it a happy experience.  Pairing the grooming with treats adds to the dogs good impression!  Do you want a dog that hates getting groomed or one that happily accepts it?  When it comes to early training and exposure, you cannot start too soon or have too many positive experiences!

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