Wet Weather is Here

It looks like we are finally having some typical fall weather and the rain that Oregon is so well known for!  The wet weather brings with it some grooming issues for us pet caretakers to keep in mind.  All this rain makes for dirty, wet dog paws and legs, so extra grooming is a must.  If your dog is tracking in mud, you might want to try a shallow tub of water for the dog to walk through or dip the paws into to get the dirt off before a quick towel off.  This will certainly keep the house cleaner!

The extra damp hair on the fluffier breeds like Havanese, Labradoodles, Shih Tzus and many others, will mat up easier and will require additional brushing to keep the coat coat in good shape and maintain that fluffy look.  If you are finding it difficult to keep up with the brushing, you might want to get the coat slightly shorter or bring the dog in to have professional grooming more frequently!  Let us know if you need help with grooming tools or techniques, we are glad to help!

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