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Start Your Pup Right!

You've just got a new puppy  and the fun begins!  Don't forget that along with all the adorableness comes an important responsibility.  You have the opportunity to make sure that your dog gets the best start possible.  The socialization period with canines starts to close at four months.  This means that those first two months…
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Help Your Dog Like the Salon

Does your dog seem to think going to the groomer is the worst thing ever?  There are a few things you might try to help your dog have a more positive outlook towards going to the doggie salon. First of all, if your dog or cat is one that tends to tangle and mat up,…
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Brushing Made Easy

Sometimes the simple act of brushing your dog can be a challenge.   Teaching your dog to readily accept grooming at home can be invaluable.  Wouldn't it be great if your dog really enjoyed being brushed at home?  This is an easily attainable goal, with a little bit of forethought and patience. First, evaluate where you…
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