My dog, Brooke, is a bit anxious when getting around other dogs.  Poor pup.  Coming from two broken homes has been hard on her.  We've tried two others groomers who said they could help her when getting her nails trimmed.  But only the wonderful professionals at Send Rover Over kept their word.

For the first three appointments, I called ahead so your team could clear the front grooming area.  Each time, you were compassionate, efficient and treated her like she was your only “client”. What a relief to see Brooke relax and sense she is in caring hands for her simple needs.  I can tell now, we won't need to warn you so much because she is slowly becoming more comfortable each time she visits you.

Thank you very much for helping my little darlin' continue to find trust in your care and for building confidence in my choice of qualified experts in their field.

Bonnie Larson,