Marit, at Send Rover Over, has been Finn’s groomer since he became my companion, back inSeptember 2013.  He was just a puppy when they first met:  With my previous dog, I had to go from groomer to groomer to find one that I trusted and felt good about.
There’s not been a question in my mind since Finn’s first grooming!  I know that I can be a bit demanding, but Marit has always been patient and cooperative.  She has also provided me with lots of valuable information!
Everyone at Send Rover Over is friendly and gracious.  They all make me feel good to be there, and give me such a sense of confidence:  I know that Finn will be cared for and treated well.
So, here we are, 15 months later, and I still get to bring home the handsomest, softest, sweet smelling guy ever!

Thank you, so much, Marit!  I’m so grateful to have you in our lives!

Patti Rodgers,