After rescuing Champo, the friendly philosopher, we noticed he was grumpy after his initial visits to various groomers. Champo is not one to complain, but at length he confided to us his displeasure at all the clipping and trimming and bathing. Some of these early groomers reported that he even growled and snapped at them, behaviors wholly unbecoming a friendly philosopher and quite unsettling for the groomers.

Champo loves his part-time trainer, though, so the three of us consulted her about a groomer. She immediately recommended Marit Vike at Send Rover Over as someone who works well with rescued canines. Sure enough, along with some clever tips from his trainer, Champo has come to accept his required hygienic regimen with aplomb. Marit never complained about his fractious behavior and only concentrated on how to increase his comfort. It worked, Champo looks and smells great, he's happy (arf-arf!) and so are we!

We deeply appreciate the services provided by Marit and all the staff at Send Rover Over. Everyone there seems to enjoy their work and their clientele and to take pride in it. Thank you all.

Ronald B. Duber, Eugene OR,